A true passion for motorcycles led to starting a unique project, that is Creative Motorcycles. We design motorcycles for those who are just starting their adventure and for those who know exactly what they want. Our designs are unconventional and each of them constitutes a separate conceptual and creative process. Every motorcycle is treated individually so that it can match your needs and personality.

We know well that a passion can be expensive, that is why we offer solutions individualised for each customer, no matter how limited financially. We want to fulfil your dreams. Our aim is to accompany you on your way from vehicles with the smallest capacity to strong and heavy custom motorcycles. We treat every customer individually focusing on long-term cooperation.

We modify and personalize motorcycles entirely using only the best and original parts. We create unique designs with character, so you can be sure a motorcycle like yours cannot be found anywhere else.

We strongly believe in the reliability and quality of our vehicles and that is why we offer you
a six-month guarantee and we give you the possibility of delivering a registered and insured motorcycle with technical inspection to your address.

Contact us and have to courage to make your dreams come true!